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About Us

Our core philosophy is to provide a very wide range of products of the highest quality, at affordable prices along with focused customer services.

NestPharma Ltd is a pharmaceutical products Importer, wholesaler and Distribution Company, and a subsidiary of Ernest Chemists Limited, Ghana, a leading local pharmaceutical manufacturer and the largest pharmaceutical importer and wholesale company in Ghana. We represent some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical giants including

  • GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)
  • Troge Medical- Germany
  • Exeter Pharmaceuticals-UK
  • Ernest Chemists Limited -Ghana

Since our inception in Sierra Leone in 2009, we have grown into one of the leading pharmaceutical and healthcare care companies in Sierra Leone, with a very strong reputation for quality, superior service and excellent customer focus.


Quality Pharmaceutical Products

Our extensive product portfolio includes Antibiotics, Anti-malaria’s, Analgesics and anti-inflammatory medication, Intra-venous infusions, Anti-diabetics, Anti-hypertensive, Anti-cancer medication, Medical Consumables and Vitamin supplements.

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