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NestPharma is a Distributor for major pharmaceutical companies in Sierra Leonne and we cater to needs of wholesalers by providing routine deliveries of pharmaceutical products. We thrive to reduce gap between demand and supply of medicines.

Warehousing & Packaging

Warehousing and deliver are the very important aspects of medicine distribution. We have a very well equipped and spacious warehouse which has all the modern and sophisticated facilities.

  • Very spacious for facilitating bulk storage
  • Properly segregated and stored for easy identification and retrieval
  • Free of pests and rodents
  • Free of chemicals and moisture to prevent any damage to the medicines
  • Maintained at the right temperature, well-lit and ventilated

Our Social Responsibilities

The Peopole


Access to healthcare is not only a matter of the patient having access to affordable medicines and vaccines, but also of having the opportunity to prevent diseases and receive comprehensive care - from diagnosis to treatment.

The Planet

Reducing our carbon footprint and using energy responsibly are part of our mission to help protect life on this planet. To safeguard the health of communities everywhere, we continually seek to limit the environmental impact of our activities for the entire life cycle of our products.

NestPharma has one of the most advanced and best distribution services in class infrastructure facilities with superior Cold Chain Management. As many of the Lifesaving drugs are temperature sensitive, we take a keen note of the seriousness of any possible temperature fluctuation. The walk-in cold room facility ensuring 2-8 degrees maintained for products with such specification. We ensure the same temperature is maintained during the transit with essential tracking and log reports. Deep freezer ensures -25 to -40 degree temperature being maintained with standard cold chain protocols.