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How can my pharmacist help me with my medication questions?

How do I know if a nonprescription medication is working?

If your illness (i.e., fever, cough, or body ache) doesn’t get better in three to five days, you should seek additional medical care. Over-the-counter (nonprescription) drugs are meant to treat only the most minor health problems.

What should I drink when I take my medications?

Certain foods, beverages, alcohol, caffeine, and even cigarettes can interact with medicines. Generally, water is the best liquid to drink when taking a medication. However, there are exceptions to this rule. For example, because certain types of aspirin can cause ...

How can I avoid taking too much prescription medicine?

Medications are prescribed in specific dosages to account for: Age, Weight, and The minimum amount needed to treat a condition vs. the maximum amount that might result in harm or unwanted side effects. The most important thing to remember when ...

How should I dispose of my medications that I no longer need or are expired?

The disposal of medication is a complex issue. Throwing the medication into the trash can be risky if found and eaten by children or pets. The trash will most likely be taken to a landfill which will place the medication ...

I’ve heard that you should pay attention to the expiration date on your prescription medication. Is that true?

Yes. Expired medicines often don’t work as well, and they can even be harmful. To make sure that you don’t accidentally take an out-of-date medication, you should clean out your medicine cabinet every year, throwing away: Any medication that has ...

What basic items should be stored in a well-stocked medicine cabinet?

Your doctor or pharmacist may recommend that you keep activated charcoal–an antidote for certain poisonings–on hand. You should have antiseptics and first-aid ointments to treat cuts and scrapes. Dressings such as assorted bandage sizes are critical. Thermometers, antihistamines, and emergency ...

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